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Let us re-key your locks for an affordable price!
Let us re-key your locks for an affordable price!

As an alternative to buying all new locks and taking the whole day to install them, just give us a call. You will be surprised how affordable we are! 

Earn peace-of-mind by calling CLT's local Security professionals

If you just moved into a new house, you should definitely get your locks changed or rekeyed. Also if you have to evict a tenant, you are going to need to rekey the locks. We can help right away with this.

We will stealthily and discreetly service your locks upon request, so that you may feel safe and secure. We are available 24 hours a day to help you with all your re-key needs. We are Charlotte's #1 expert choice for residential and commercial lock changes. We also have a free security consulting service, with no monetary obligation required.  

What exactly does it mean to rekey locks?

Rekeying a lock means making new keys for a lock(s), such that the old keys no longer work. It is best to rekey locks whenever there is a new occupant to a residence or office suite. If you do not rekey the locks, the old occupants will still have working keys to your property. 

The other option to change the keys to your property, is to buy whole new door locks or padlocks. We would advice against this because buying new locks is expensive, and it is very time consuming to install new locks. Also, each set of new locks comes with unique keys, so you will have different keys for your front and back door locks, which is very inconvenient. Save time and money by calling the rekey experts at 24hr Discount Locksmith of Charlotte, NC. 

How do we professionally change locks?

We arrive at your location and re-arrange the order of the pins inside the locks. In this way, the old key will no longer work, and we will cut new keys for the locks. 

Need an immediate door lock change at your residence?

No worries! We can provide service within the hour in case of emergency, or you can schedule an appointment. Whether you just bought a new house, evicting a tenant, or need a rental unit rekeyed... we provide high quality, 24-hour locksmith services to the people of Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Need your business locks master-keyed or rekeyed? 

We are specialists in commercial lock changes and repairs. Do you have 100+ locks that need to be master-keyed? We can handle all lock change jobs, big and small. Maybe you need a simple repair, or you need a multi-level master-key system installed; we are the pros to call for professional lock & key service in the Charlotte, NC area. We want to be your #1 choice for business lock changes. 

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