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Many people call for car key replacement in an emergency. They are stranded somewhere with no key to start their car. Other people are not in an emegency situation, so their primary concern is to get a key replaced for the best price. 

If you are in the latter category, the most cost effective thing to do is this: buy the proper car key online (ebay or Amazon), than take it to the dealer. Many dealers will cut the key for free based on the car's VIN number (be sure to bring your license and registration to the dealer). So now you have a cut key, but you are not yet ready to start the car. Most cars also require that the key is programmed to match the car's computer. At this point, your two options are: get it towed to the dear for programming, or call a car locksmith. The dealer charges A LOT for programming, and towing it there may also cost you a hefty sum.

 For most people, calling a car locksmith is the best choice. 24hr Discount Locksmith, LLC is the Charlotte region's #1 choice for low-cost car-key programming. Save yourself more than $100 by calling us. We are available 24 hours a day to help you with car key prgramming.   

Satisfied customers of our high-quality Locksmith Service!
Satisfied customers of our high-quality Locksmith Service!