24 Hour Car Key Replacement in Charlotte, NC

Replacement Car Keys in the Charlotte Region

We make replacement keys and remotes for most cars!

Replacement Car Keys

If you lost your car keys, don't worry, the pros at 24hr Discount Locksmith, LLC, Charlotte's premier car locksmith company, quickly and affordably replace car keys every day. You don't need to tow your car to the dealer, we can spare you the hassle and expense. Call us for quick car key replacement, we will give you a flat price, and than dispatch a pro. He will decode your ignition lock and originate a key from scratch. He will than program the key to match the car's computer. Car key origination is high-skill, professional work, but we can do it quick and for a good price. We make keys for almost every type of car, such as Ford, Chevy, GM, Acura, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, Toyota, etc.. Think you have a special key that only the dealer can originate? The pros at 24hr Discount Locksmith, LLC can even originate so-called 'proximity' keys! 

Lost Key with a Chip

Did you know that most car keys these days have a chip in them? We are the best Automotive locksmiths in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas...so we replace chipped keys every day. For many years car dealerships made people think that only they can replace these keys! The reason they did that is so that they can overcharge you. The Auto Locksmith pros at 24hr Discount Locksmith, LLC have many years of training and certifications in decoding and programming chipped car keys. Car dealers actually have no clue about key origination except to press a few buttons on their extremely expensive machines. The difference between the dealership and the experienced professionals at 24hr Discount Locksmith, is that we want to save you money and provide high quality service with a smile. The dealer simply wants to overcharge you. 

How We Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Key

Every car is different, so the techniques involved vary. Because we have been doing this for many years, we use the most efficient and effective methods to make car keys, ultimately saving you money and time. Usually our customers go from hopeless to happy in less than 1 hour. We are efficient and our overhead is low, unlike some companies, so we offer cheaper car key replacement than any other Charlotte Locksmith competitor. 

Mobile Key Replacement

When someone needs a new key made, it means they don't have any keys to their car. The process of getting a key made is called 'key origination', and this process is much more complicated than simply getting a key duplicated. Other Charlotte area Locksmiths will overchage you for getting your lost key replaced, but here at 24hr Discount Locksmith, LLC, Charlotte's low-cost locksmith solution, we believe car locksmith service should be affordable. Dealerships overcharge for replacement keys and labor, in addition to the towing fee to get it there. We are local and mobile, so we come to you and provide friendly, affordable service with a smile. Make life a little easier for yourself, call us for Charlotte Locksmith key replacements. We have your key here in our work van, and we are ready to meet you at your vehicle and replace your keys on site, and for a great price!


We will replace your lost or broken car keys at a great price!

Don't even think about going to the dealer to replace your lost, stolen, or broken car keys! You will grossly overpay. Think about the costs involved to get a basic chipped key made at the dealer: $80 for a cut key, $135 for programming the key, and $100 to get it towed to the dealer. That's close to $400! We can make basic chipped/transponder keys for around $110, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Most other locksmiths charge close to the dealer price...only 24hr Discount Locksmith wants to save you money. 

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As the leading car locksmith company in Charlotte (and surrounding areas), we look forward to quickly and affordably helping you with car key replacement and programming. We specialize in chipped keys, transponder keys, fob keys, dealer keys, Lexus keys, Vats keys, Honda keys, proximity keys, and push-to-start keys.  Whether you need car key replacement or you just need chip-key programming, we got you covered, and we will save you a lot of money. Our goal is to provide mobile locksmith and car key services to the greater Charlotte community at an affordable, discount price.

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We make keys for most cars!
We make keys for most cars!

Motorcycle Key Replacement

We are not only a Charlotte, NC house and car locksmith, we also specialize in motorcycle keys! We provide motorcycle key-cutting in addition to our Charlotte area auto locksmith key services. Whether you ride a Goldwing, Kawasaki, Harley, Yamaha, or Ducati, we can provide new keys for you. Skip the trip to the Yamaha dealership and call us for our amazing motorcycle key replacement service!